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Date : 2 November 2023

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About AU CTF

Ajman University CTF Powered by RedTeam Hacker Academy is a rigorous security competition that validates the cybersecurity skills of participants. Themed to break the security posture, this innovative capture the flag (CTF) event lets aspiring security specialists including students and working professionals prove their efficacies in penetrating to security structures by mitigating unique challenges passing through the multiple rounds of level-based games.
AU CTF in collaboration with RedTeam Hacker Academy is a never-before like opportunity for cybersecurity enthusiasts who intend to be recognized as security champions globally.

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Registration Process

  • If you are part of a team, please ensure that only your team leader register your team using this Registration Page. The team leader should include the name of his/her team member (partner) in the registration

  • For solo participants (You are the team leader and partner name is not required), please register individually using the same form.

  • Your prompt action in completing the registration is highly appreciated.

Venue Details

  • Sheikh Zayed Center, Ajman University, University St - Al Jerf 1 - Ajman - United Arab Emirates.

Cash Prize Details

1st 5K Cash Prize and 5K Worth Course Access

2nd 3K Cash Prize and 1K worth Course Access

3rd 2K Cash Prize


All participants have to show their ID proofs/ verified Profiles to verify them during entry to the hall

  • DoS, DDoS, brute-forcing, automated scans are not allowed in any case.

  • Participants are not permitted to generate web traffic by any means to accomplish any challenges or contest infrastructure.

  • Collaboration with other participants and/ or flag sharing is strictly prohibited.

  • Publishing of any solution to any platform including blog, GitHub, YouTube, etc. during the contests is not permissible.

  • No participant will be allowed to carry out any security attack on the CTF infrastructure.

  • Participants found violating any of the above-mentioned rules will be disqualified from the contest.

  • The decision of Team AU CTF will be considered as final.

All participants are required to read the CTF rules carefully and fully agree to them before proceeding to register.

Capture The Flag (CTF) FAQ

1. What is a Capture The Flag (CTF) competition?

A Capture The Flag (CTF) competition is a cybersecurity challenge where participants, also known as "hackers" or "players," solve a series of security-related puzzles and challenges to find hidden flags. These flags are typically in the form of text strings or files and are located on vulnerable systems or within encrypted data.

2. Is this CTF online or offline?

3. Who can participate in this CTF?

4. How can I register for the CTF?

5. When is the CTF taking place?

6. What equipment and software do I need to participate?

7. Is there a team size limit?

8. What types of challenges can I expect in this CTF?

9. Are there prizes for winners?

10. How can I stay updated about the CTF?

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